WHAT’S UP DOWNTOWN – The bikes are back in town!

Bike repair stations are a big help to cyclists. (CFJC Today photo)

ArmchairMayor.ca is pleased to introduce the first article from the Kamloops Central BIA Customer Care and Patrol Team (CAP). The CAP team will be contributing to ArmchairMayor.ca on a regular basis.

KAMLOOPS IS world-renowned for its mountain biking and that does not stop us in downtown either!

You may have been riding your fat bike through Peterson Creek Nature Park, but may not be used to the varied conditions in Downtown Kamloops. I have compiled a list of tips for cyclists and drivers to make your journey in the neighbourhood a safe one!


  • Place reflective tape in visible areas, such as on your helmet, backpack, and jacket.
  • Keep a one-meter distance between yourself and parked vehicles.
  • Do not lock up your bike with just the front tire as it can be freely removed!
  • It’s always great to double lock your bike with a u-lock shackle and double loop cable in any urban environment.
  • Pick up a City of Kamloops Bike Map at our Visitor & Info Centre or online at Kamloops.ca/trailandbikemap.
  • Please refrain from biking on sidewalks, it’s against City bylaws.
  • Tune up your bike at public bike repair stations at Riverside Park or outside Urban Systems at St. Paul Street & 3rd Avenue.


  • Double check before you open your door with on-street parking.
  • Keep a one-meter distance between your vehicle and cyclists.
  • Do not yield to a cyclist if they do not have right-of-way. We appreciate your courtesy but this makes it dangerous for others in traffic.
  • The shoulder of the road is dustier and rockier more than usual so cyclists may stray into the lane (which is legal).
  • This is not a tip, I just wanted to say thank you for respecting fellow road users!

Bike patrols are one of my favorite parts of this job and I am excited to see more people actively commuting in the following weeks.  If you ever bike up 1st Avenue, I applaud you and aspire to your stamina!

Whether you’re a unicyclist, training wheel aficiando, or mountain biker please use the hashtag #downtownkamloops for your active commute to be featured on our social media accounts. Enjoy your journeys!

Written by Angela Halas from the Customer Care and Patrol Team (CAP). Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Information Kiosk at 250-572-3017. Email capteam@kcbia.com. Follow us on Facebook (Downtownkamloops) and Twitter (@downtownkamloops) too!




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