COLLINS – Slaves didn’t see America as a land of dreams and opportunity

COMMENTS MADE by U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson this week deserve a response.

Dr. Carson was talking about the work ethic of immigrants who came to the New World seeking a new opportunity, coming to Ellis Island, seeing the Statue of Liberty, with the hope of fulfilling their dreams of a new life, a new beginning in a new land.

Unfortunately for Dr. Carson, he attempted, in the same breath, to talk about slaves who came in the bottom of slave ships with a dream that their families might pursue prosperity and happiness.


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2 Comments on COLLINS – Slaves didn’t see America as a land of dreams and opportunity

  1. R A George // March 13, 2017 at 1:28 AM // Reply

    Hey Doug. I guess you would be familiar with the highland clearances, The burning of crofts and forced off to a new life of indentured labour. Being a Collins you are familiar with the Potatoe famine as well. Black folks had it the worst but I don,t think any of the early immigrants were overly happy.Botony Bay and Devils Island were right in there too.I meet many people,nice people,some are friends,who are sadly ignorant of history.One really has to educate one,s self. They surely didn,t teach it at school.

  2. willy ward // March 9, 2017 at 4:39 PM // Reply

    Dr. Ben Carson … just as dumb as the cops who are chasing Mark Emory across the country while 14 more people died in Vancouver last week: FENTANYL.
    NOTE TO JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: Let the cops spend their time finding Fentanyl pushers, NOT wasting their time on pot.

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