FEATURED COMMENT – Public school curriculum must teach real life

(Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)
(Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives)

Re: Deeper deficits spurred by increases in public school spending

Education dollars continue to be thrown at the system but until the product is dramatically altered there will continue to be “just dollars thrown” to quiet the electorate.

The entire curriculum must be changed to produce students who know how to read, write and calculate but who also are aware of the reality of life — not the Chinese dynasties and stuff like that which you can read up on when you get a library card.

From K to 12 real life should be taught, sex ed, how to play the stock exchange, what to do about the homeless, how to feed masses of people, how to govern and how to be an educated voter, in other words, from K start readying the student to be an aware adult with a job, go back to streaming trades worthy or profession worthy; it IS possible to tell the difference.



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