ROTHENBURGER – Three things I want, and might not have, when I get old

Kamloops Seniors Village is owned by Retirement Concepts.

Kamloops Seniors Village is owned by Retirement Concepts.

WHEN I GET OLD, I’d like certain things: a bath or shower every day, all my faculties, and a comfortable bed in my own home.

Mel columnhed-27jan2017The first is non-negotiable. The second is beyond my control. As for the third, if I can’t be in my own home, I’d at least like to know who my landlord is.

These things don’t seem too much to ask, but this week we were reminded we can’t take anything for granted. This week we’re hearing about seniors who can’t get a bath, and their retirement homes being bought by somebody who lives in Beijing.


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5 Comments on ROTHENBURGER – Three things I want, and might not have, when I get old

  1. R A George // March 2, 2017 at 11:32 AM // Reply

    My old mom who made 99 and probably would have made it over a hundred if things had been better.In her late 80,s she was quite mobile and used a walker. Most of the girls employed in her nursing home were immigrants,underpayed I,m sure and probably undertrained.Looking after seniors is not easy much of the time. My mom went to sit in a wheel chair that not had the brake set.It backed out from under her and she fell and broke her femure. She very nearly died and would have if not for the visits of her great grand children.Seeing them pulled her through.She never walked again. In her last years she was given every day a small glass full of pills all at once.God knows what they all were.She had been very active in life and on occasion feisty when an occasion warranted it . She communicated very little at the end but nearly always said ” Thank,s for comin,”
    Very sad.

  2. -The world is old; it has lost it’s mind. The idea of senility leading to reduced bath times per year is off the books in the world as the idea of clean anything is impossible; for the last fresh water is now melting and most likely will cause a dramatic shift in the entire planet -eliminating most of the species (mainly human) from the earth in order for God to start -properly- over again (for a thousand years, in order to get the pesky humanity into the right groove finally….). -Sounds almost ‘daffy,’ wouldn’t you agree there ol’ timer and whiskery Mel? !

    [Let Suzuki put that in his pipe and smoke it; since he clearly thinks that his version of the earth in permanent continuity -with less people of course- is a feasible established (and chase-able) idea for over-wrought individuals, permanent fixed on living this one singular life herein.]

    No, the world is decaying like the mind of a man or the present minds of humans.
    The biblical prophets weren’t wrong… only a little strange.

  3. The federal government is letting down all Canadians by allowing foreign companies, who do not have the welfare of patients at heart, but are only interested in the bottom line, to purchase these large retirement homes… Shame on you Trudeau, another black mark

  4. This absolutely can not happen! These are our seniors and we need to be able to go to our government with concerns when they are warrented, not to a company that holds so many different branches that we didnt even know the the name of the one holding the purse strings and our elders very lives in their hands! trying to slide this right in was an intentional sneaky act and I certainly hope OUR government doesn’t think we aren’t watching..because we are!

  5. Is the concept of free enterprise starting to cause a few jittery moments amongst the ones that not long ago, while in their prime, enjoyed the fall out from it?
    Canadian pension funds own a plethora of properties around the world and more than likely some facilities involved in the care of others. And let’s not forget about corporate ownership of big Pharma…people as Guinea pigs?
    Canadians as Guinea pigs for corporate profits? It has happened…

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