FEATURED COMMENT – Downtown is the heart and soul of a proud city

Parking kiosks aren't all that bad, says reader.
Parking kiosks aren’t all that bad, says reader.

Re: editorial, “Downtown core is just fine, other than the parking.”

Thank you, Mel. The perceived problem that the media wanted out there really isn’t a problem. There is more than meets the eye… the bakery didn’t move because of bylaws or parking, the restaurant is changing not closing, the VV is moving to a larger location because of their success downtown.

Thank you for recognizing the opportunities coming up, the amazing and committed shops and service downtown and the KCBIA and volunteers who are working each day to enhance downtown.

Yes, there is a parking issue… its a parking perception issue. If you could find stalls everywhere you went it would likely mean the town was struggling. People will park further away for the mall but get frustrated when they can’t park in front of their Victoria Street business. You don’t find spots along Robston Street in Vancouver.

Yes, those kiosks are sometimes slow, but give them patience and don’t push eight buttons at once. A vibrant downtown may require a little more attention from the city and its citizens but its the downtown core that makes a city unique, distinct and ultimatley an attraction for our arts, culture and unique shopping… it is the heart and soul of a proud city.




  1. I agree with you, Ryan and Mel. You just need to have patience to use the parking meters. I like our downtown. Its ok that Erwins is moving. I’ll buy there stuff at the farmer’s market but I don’t get to the store. There are many other places to get good baked goods downtown and elsewhere. What is the VV? Is that Value Village? I think its great when a place is doing so good that it needs a bigger location to expand.

  2. Two, maybe three blocks of Victoria Street are “busy”…that’s it!
    There are a few very nice shops but unfortunately too many average ones. Then there are the melancholic trees, the discarded cigarette butts everywhere and too many vagabonds. Lastly, let’s not forget the neglected CP Rail corridor.
    Kamloops downtown is definitely not the downtown of a proud city.
    Pretending otherwise is a blatant disservice to the potential it has and to Kamloops as a whole.

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