POLICE – Parents, kids warned to be careful after report of suspicious man near Arthur Stevenson school

Kamloops RCMP are reminding parents and their children to be careful after a report today (Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017) of a suspicious male speaking to young girls and reaching for them near Arthur Stevenson elementary in Westsyde.

rcmppatch2A concerned mother called police to report that a strange man had approached her 11-year-old daughter and some friends who were walking home from school.

The man called out to the girls and asked where their parents were, then reached out towards them.  The girls ran away and reported the incident to their parents who then called the police.

The suspects is described as: Caucasian, about 45 years old, shorter in stature and with a brown beard.  He was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood up.  The man was on foot and not associated to any vehicle.

Police made extensive patrols of the neighbourhood but were unable to locate the suspect.  At this time it is unknown what the man’s intentions were, police said.

If anyone has information on this incident or can identify the suspect, please contact the Kamloops RCMP at 250-828-3000.

Cpl. Jodie Shelkie reminded parents to talk to their children about staying safe, including the following:

  • Never talk, take anything, or go anywhere with a stranger.  A stranger is: someone you don’t know; know only a little or have seen around; someone your parents have told you stay away from.
  • If a stranger attempts to engage you or talk to you, leave the stranger immediately and go to the closest safe place,  i.e. home, the home of someone you know or into an open business.
  • Always tell an adult that a stranger has made you feel uncomfortable or tried to get you to go with them or give you something.
  • There is safety in numbers.  Whenever possible walk with a friend or relative.
  • It is okay to say NO! Should someone attempt to grab or restrain them, teach them to scream loudly, made a loud noise and shout, “This person is not my parent.”
  • Whenever possible, take notes of the physical description of the person, vehicle descriptors and licence plates.
  • Call 911.
  • Establish a secret word or phrase for your family. This should be used in emergencies to identify a safe person other than their parent or care giver.



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