COLLINS – Enough is enough; stop crying about bad city streets

(CFJC screengrab)
(CFJC screengrab)

ENOUGH ALREADY!! We already know that the city streets aren’t in ideal condition. We already know that the sidewalks in some cases are atrocious. We know that intersections are full of water.

collins-colhedWe know that lanes aren’t wide enough in some cases for even two lanes of traffic. We know potholes are starting to show up. We know that for those with disabilities (and I’m one of them) it’s really hard maneuvering through the ruts, the piles of snow and the windrows.

We know those windrows are so high that bus passengers sometimes have difficulty getting through them when they get off the bus. We know that some people have had to resort to walking in the travelled portion of Fortune Drive because the sidewalks were plowed in.




  1. Dear Doug:
    Winter is a challenge, no doubt.
    However here are points to consider.
    Firstly, the City needs to be fully and very well prepared for potential snow falls from October to March.
    They also need a contingency plan ready which would tap into the private sector for the availability of equipment in case of extraordinary circumstances.
    Secondly, a consistent and prompt application of existing bylaws regarding sidewalk clearing would be tremendously helpful.
    Then there is the far-reaching issue of how we (actually them at City Hall) build the city. Sidewalks near busy roads are a very bad practice regardless of the season and that much more in winter. An efficient transit system with hospitable wait areas could easily cut down on single occupancy vehicles, unplugging roads and parking spaces. Catch basins need to be kept free to “catch”. Not all of them, but some crucial ones.
    And back to sidewalks, they either need a “crown” profile, as roads do, or a strategic slope to avoid as much as possible water accumulation hence icy conditions. I have more but typing is boring. Hopefully I caught you attention that “enough” is not “enough.”
    We can do better if we shed conformity.

    • Right on Doug.Hell ,you,re always right on.Hey Pierre. Too bad you don,t reside in the southern climes of Chilliwack where the mighty frigid winds off Harrison Lake cleared the fields and drifted 10 feet, thats 3 meters Pierre, in a friends back yard and up to the eves of his shop. Another friend just a mile or so,thats about 1 1/2 kilometers or so Pierre,could not get out of his house.Hell,you could write a book on your horrendous winter experiences down in La La land.
      You do make a good point though on the conscripting of private equipment especially in the outskirts.A good sized 4 wheel drive pickup with a blade does a good job quickly
      When you are out on your,hopefully balloon tired bicycle Pierre, look out or those darned potholes that are rapidly appearing and be sure to have your wet gear and souwester on. I have to agree that this winter has been a mighty cold bummer,but us old timers are tough.Eh Mel?

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