GINTA – Where to from here or why changing our ways can spare some of the trouble ahead

Naomi Klein. (Kouroshi Keshiri photo)

Naomi Klein, saying it as it is. (Kouroshi Keshiri photo)

AGAIN, A WEEK of many happenings. Like many of you who heard the story of the Kamloops couple who stopped to offer their help at an accident scene on the Coquihalla and were hit by a car that lost control, I kept hoping that Anna and Matt Grandia, parents of two, will both survive and recover.

gintahed-nkSadly, Anna Grandia passed due to her severe injuries. The pain her family goes through and for the rest of their lives, is impossible to put into words.

Yes, it is unfair and senseless; these things always are. Following such tragic stories, you’d expect most of us drivers would learn something and apply it.


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3 Comments on GINTA – Where to from here or why changing our ways can spare some of the trouble ahead

  1. Quit being fooled Daniela….

  2. It would help immensely if all of you (you meaning the truly concerned ones) would to inundate City Hall with requests for action. Rules enforcement and enhanced protection of quality of life can be achieved right here in Kamloops.
    Let’s not wait for Devine intervention…

    • Anna Grandia would be with us today,if like Washington.Oregon,California and other States we had a Provincial Hiway Patrol.a couple of whom would have been at the bottom of the snow shed instructing irresponsible truckers to put on their chains.You don,t try getting over Snoqualmie or Grants pass in bad weather without them.Here anarchy seems to prevail.They are a lot tougher on bad driving in the States.
      Having driven all three States freeways and backroads it is my considered opinion that we British Columbians and even more so Albertans are much worse drivers.
      We need a British Columbia Highway Patrol whose sole purpose is the job of enforcing the laws and rules already in place, where the speed limit is obeyed,not 20 over,tailgating and bullying the car ahead,which is very prevalent,is rewarded with a heavy fine and a double line means no passing.that is if there were lines on the road noticably absent in many places,especially in corners where 18 wheelers totally obliterate them.Too bright a lights on many tractor trailers and large pickups are deadly. It,s like playing Russian Roulette on a rainy night.
      It,s time,well past time, Mr. Stone got serious.Getting killed in a preventable so called accident is a hell of a way to go

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