FEATURED COMMENT – Lack of media coverage on visits by David Suzuki and Naomi Klein was shameful

David Suzuki will be in Kamloops Feb. 8.

Where were the media when David Suzuki was in Kamloops?

I appreciate the coverage of Dr. Suzuki’s message (“Understanding climate change: reading beyond headlines,” David Suzuki column,, Nov. 10, 2017). It’s important and relevant. One wonders if relevance is important then why did no media cover Suzuki’s and Naomi Klein’s visit to TRU on last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Suzuki drew 900 people and Klein drew 700. In most societies that would indicate relative importance of their messages and yet media in Kamloops thought different and seem to have been ignorant of their presence in this little town. This kind of selective non-coverage is shameful to say the least.

No TV coverage. No printed media coverage and no radio coverage of the events themselves. It’s like 1,600 Residents of Kamloops don’t matter, and their desire to understand the issues is insignificant.

Like Chase Iron Eyes’ information about the pending disaster at DAPL was of no account. He wasn’t covered either.

Shame on you all.



EDITOR’S NOTE: For a practical answer, you might ask which local media had reporters on shift when Suzuki and Klein made their presentations at TRU. Local media tend to cover visits by such folks by doing advance phone interviews instead of being there — it’s easier and much cheaper. I don’t know about the other media but I believe CBC Daybreak Kamloops did a “phoner” with Suzuki.

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14 Comments on FEATURED COMMENT – Lack of media coverage on visits by David Suzuki and Naomi Klein was shameful

  1. Uhmmmm … any particular reason you sidestepped my “actual” comment?

    By the way, I do respect “Science” … Suzuki however is NOT a scientist with any degree in the Environment, his specialty is bugs.

    • Excuse me!!!!!! His specialty is genetics.He used fruit flys to prove his theories in genetic mutation

      • Alan Forseth // February 13, 2017 at 12:35 AM //

        Still, his philosophy is basically “Do as I say, not as I do”

        He, Al Gore, DiCapirio, and the like are all happy to tell us how we should live… all the while enjoying everything a petroleum based economy gas to offer.

        Hypocrites and phoneys one and all… and the sheep blindly follow, and accord them rock star status, to quote Cynthia Ross Friedman

    • Well, Mr. Allan Forseth if you know anything about science you would know it is very “interconnected.”
      I went to agricultural school in another country long ago. I then attended university here in Kamloops. It was amazing to discover the similarities and the inter connectivity of knowledge.
      You are barking up the “wrong tree” and quickly losing the little credibility you had.

    • Dear Allan Forseth:
      No real person currently lives in a
      “parallel” economic reality than the current one.
      Tell me, I wish to visit my aging parents every so often…how do I get to Europe?
      Mr. Suzuki is a renowned speaker and he is asked to attend events outside of his front door…how does he go from there to here?
      Mitigating the absurdity of present day consumerism is everybody’s responsibility. We can live better with much less. No one needs a “dualy mega-cab 4×4” nor any other small brain syndrome “phallic extensions” so pervasive amongst the great unwashed…no one.

  2. tony brumell // February 12, 2017 at 2:33 PM // Reply

    It would be a very different world if He were not here..I wonder how it would be if you wern’t????Just askin!!!

    Sounds like sour grapes to me!!!!!

  3. I too was surprised and dismayed by the lack of media coverage when such prominent persons speak in Kamloops. Considering some of the other “so-called” (sound familiar?) news that is covered, to ignore these figures and the large audiences they attract, is poor indeed. Not everyone cares about the Blazer games – and there will be plenty of others to cover. But it is a rare opportunity to have the likes of Klein and Suzuki here. Thank you CBC Daybreak for providing phone coverage. Shame on the other media outlets.

  4. Hockey wins over the environment.
    Apathy wins as long as there’s beer in the fridge and the TV works.

  5. Media were given advanced notice a month prior and CBC Radio did a fantastic interview. Blazer game was why the photographer wanted to do pictures up front – we were honouring the speaker’s preferences to shutter less and non-disruptive photos. What is disappointing is the lack of coverage of the key points made and some discussion in the media of the basic message: living within the limits of our biosphere.

  6. This is a mystery. There was nothing in KTW. Also conspicuous in their absence were our local MLAs and MP. The mayor was not there of course. Politics aside, one should realize that Dr. Suzuki is respected scientist and a Canadian icon. For some he has been a polemical figure, but for others like myself has been a fighter for the planet.

  7. I contacted the Suzuki event organizers on January 19th, and asked to get a photo before his speech. I needed literally 30 seconds. I explained that I did not want to interrupt or disturb the speech with walking in and getting a photo while he talked, and also because I had a Blazer game to cover with a tight deadline afterward.

    I got a polite note back saying they would make Dr. Suzuki available AFTER his speech – when I was absolutely unavailable due to deadline – and no one can ever predict the time when a speech will end and the speaker will be disengaged from the admiring audience to deal with a news person.

    I’m good, but I just can’t be two places at once. The indirect – but strong – message I received from the organizers is “we don’t much care if you come, we certainly won’t make it easier for you.”

    • Cynthia Ross Friedman // February 11, 2017 at 9:29 AM // Reply

      Hi Mr. Douglas. I know how hard you work and that you do seem to cover events all over the place. But I can explain this one: Dr. Suzuki, being, well, a superstar, sets the agenda. He needs to centre himself before such a powerful talk as he gave on Wed. He is a Canadian icon and Companion of the Order of Canada (that’s the highest honour in the OC). If he only wants photos during the talk with no flash and sounds off, we listen. Media outlets should have respected YOUR time and given you the five minutes needed to snap this brilliant man at the start of his talk. It would have been a reasonable compromise. Media really should have been properly assigned to this event. He had a very set agenda well in advance. Superstar, eh?

      And Naomi Klein’s message to me was so inspiring, (think of how she must have inspired young girls in the audience. I saw one crying). She is a bona fide genius and so so young still. Lots for her to do. People should hear her. Assignments should have reflected the power of Klein.

      • Alan Forseth // February 12, 2017 at 7:51 AM //

        Suzuki is a ‘superstar’??? Well he certainly is a superstar of the highlife!

        Jet setter, carbon spewing, best if consumer goods, and multiple luxury homes. Yup .. conceited to the core is what he appears to be, based on your comments.

        St Suzuki is, in my opinion any way, no one to aspire to be anything like.

      • Dear Alan Forseth:
        Science is about research, fact-findings and furthering of knowledge…scientists are the practitioners of science. Mr. Suzuki is a scientist and an engaging speaker.
        His message is truthful and his presentations compelling.
        Do you have a problem with science?

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