ROTHENBURGER – Daredevil drivers and windrow warriors will never change even in nastiest weather

Oh, those nasty windrows. (Armchair Mayor photo)
Oh, those windrows. (Armchair Mayor photo)

THIS IS KIND of a rhetorical question, but will Kamloops drivers ever smarten up?

Mel columnhed-27jan2017One would think they might get the big picture with the return of winter we’ve experienced the last several days, wouldn’t you?

But, it seems, different conditions don’t produce different drivers. The speeders, the red-light runners, the in-and-out lane dodgers, the tailgaters all carry on in the worst possible road conditions as if we live in a land where the sun always shines and the roads are always bare.




  1. Sir:
    Would it be a welcome change if one is found at fault for causing an accident for the very reason you have listed, that their ICBC premium quadruples at the very least?

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