FEATURED COMMENTS – The pros and cons of President Donald Trump

Winston Churchill wasn't popular either.

Winston Churchill wasn’t popular either.

Two different reactions to the Armchair Mayor editorial “The shooting at the mosque and Donald Trump’s twisted idea of how to build national unity.”

Know who else caused a lot of violence and killing? The Allies in the Second World War. if only the Allies had just submitted to Nazi Germany, fewer people would have died.

Ditto with Trump — if he would just let the U.S. continue to deteriorate as it has been under Obama, we’d all live in peace.

People hated Churchill, too. People hated Wilbur Wilberforce, who forced Britain away from slavery. People hated Lincoln for the same reason. Trump doesn’t compare favorably to those men, but he’s the only one not sucked into globalism’s destruction.

And the idea that diversity is strength is liberal B.S. Diversity adds colour and creativity and exciting cuisine, but only if when added to the strength that comes with unity. Diversity is great, but unity is strength.


The people of Canada must never accept the terrible tragedy that is Donald Trump.

The American people must realize, hopefully in the not to distant future, that they have made a mistake.

His racism and isolationism will not do the country any good. He wants to provoke China into a war, get rid of Mexico as a trading partner, all so he can say I told you so. This man can not be used as an example of what we the people of Canada are or believe.


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7 Comments on FEATURED COMMENTS – The pros and cons of President Donald Trump

  1. Sean McGuinness // January 30, 2017 at 7:48 PM // Reply

    Mr. Duncan’s views are an example of the twisted logic being served up by extreme right-wingers whose comments just about everybody ignored until they started coming from the white house. So I’m not going to ignore it. The logic of his main argument boils down to this: if A harms B, then B should do nothing because B defending against A would only increase the total harm done. So for example, if a woman is being raped, then she should not fight back lest she injure her attacker thus increasing the total harm done. Arguments like Mr. Duncan’s are so beyond the pale that they can’t even be supported by “alternate facts”. They are simply alternate garbage.

  2. George Duncan, your comments do not take into account basic principles of right and wrong- the very things missing from Trump’s words and actions.

  3. Richard Carlson // January 30, 2017 at 6:45 PM // Reply

    The critical issue with Donald Trump is not his ideology. Yes his ideology is right wing, and yes he and his administration are misogynist racists that will set American society back one hundred and fifty years. But the critical issue is his reckless incompetence. His impulsive narcissistic personality disorder impair him from understanding the issues in all but the most tertiary level. His ego makes him vulnerable to manipulation, as we are witnessing with his developing relationship with Vladimir Putin. He is vengeful in a very petty way to any one that has criticized him. Witness the Boeing incident. Stroke this man’s ego and you have an ally, but criticize him and feel his wrath, regardless of the issues at hand.
    Trump is childish, petty, arrogant, and narcissistic. As long as he is in the white house he is the worlds most dangerous man.

  4. Here is one man, George S. Duncan who has obvious not learned any good lessons from history, including not being able to “connect the dots” to the present era. Mr. Churchill and his policies in regards to western imperialism in general and the plight of the Middle East in particular have led us to…today.
    Let’s us not entirely pick on Trump, he is just another one of the many who have not learned the right lessons from history.
    Today is a very sad day in Canada. Unfortunately a day like today is almost the norm in Palestine.

  5. I’m with her!!!!

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