ROTHENBURGER – Who would you side with, coyotes or the eagle?

Morning on the river. A coyote fends off ravens and eagles from deer carcass. (Screengrab Mel Rothenburger)

Morning on the river. A coyote fends off ravens and eagles from deer carcass. (Screengrab Mel Rothenburger)

ONE OF NATURE’S dramas unfolded at our house last weekend.

melcolhed-sep2016We woke up to discover that during the night the coyotes had brought down a deer on the frozen river outside our back door. From the balcony we watched as the ravens and eagles got in on the feast.

Once in awhile, a coyote would return to scare them off and reclaim the prize for the pack. At least half a dozen eagles and 50 ravens circled or perched in the trees along the river, waiting till the coast was clear to swoop back to the kill.


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5 Comments on ROTHENBURGER – Who would you side with, coyotes or the eagle?

  1. -Seems to me, in real this life, nobody complains if they get what they want…

    Yet as human beings -observing most of this- We’re supposed to follow a higher sense of calling than mere natural instinctual ‘results,’ so to speak.

    (History could prove this quite wrong, as mankind is seen to be quite base, right up to the present times. -For even the newest of technologies around the world do not seem to be freeing people to become better, but somewhat pressing them down into becoming reluctant observers of their very own lives. Ie., “Strapped in by a device -cellphone mainly- through which the employer; the friends and even the world informs one (the ‘free’ individual; a supposedly entirely free person) on how to think, be and even act.”)

    Mankind will ravage each other continuously; nature and even the basis of how they exist here on earth: Evidence, therein, of our flaw of being sinners -in need of ‘straightening out’ by the Maker Himself.

    There is no such word as peace in nature -with its ebb and flow to find food and dominate one over the other, per se- yet there is peace in all of nature in its accord to maintain the least amount of damages to the entire essence of living _on_ the planet (minimizing harm to all).

    Mankind’s will, by itself, continually wants and gets: he or she scheme -like with Ockham’s razor methodology with the quickest way between two points- and find that dominance of everything is clearly the way to secure one’s longevity, including procreatively. Peace is always supplanted by human desire: the Judaeo-Christian Scriptures, through Christ, breaks this cycle. Therein: ‘You have to be to live.’ and not “Live -at all costs- to be.’ Everyone needs to find themselves, beyond the ‘need(s)’ of this world and I think its been offered.

    • Mel Rothenburger // January 21, 2017 at 4:55 PM // Reply

      J, half the time I have no idea what you’re talking about, and the other half I’m just not sure, but I always enjoy trying to figure it out. Thanks for contributing. Mel.

  2. E M Helen McLean // January 21, 2017 at 10:29 AM // Reply

    Interesting perspective on how the various players might feel about witnessing this river drama.My resident heron has been living in fear from the majestic eagles swooping about and spends most of its time in hiding.A relative in Pender Harbour tells me she does not like the eagles as they have massacred
    Her flock of eagles in the bay.she feels the same way about the small feral deer around her.Another friend is angry at the herons for eating all the fish in his large pond nearby.Perhaps we should just enjoy watching what Mother Nature has been doing so
    well in this cycle of life although I know not everyone will agree.

  3. Great column. Now you have learned that sometimes you just have to follow your heart, no matter what your head says.

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