ROTHENBURGER – Walk-in clinics and a very ‘chilling’ first week of the year

(ArmchairMayor photo)
(ArmchairMayor photo)

I don’t want to hear one more person say, “It’s positively balmy” every time the temperature creeps above minus 20.

melcolhed-sep2016But there’s nothing like a prolonged period of feeling as though you’re living in a refrigerator to make you think about the fundamentals.

Walk-in clinics, for example.

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  1. Not long ago you, Mr. Mel R. wrote the following:
    “Sept. 2 — Terry Lake announced Thursday he won’t run in next year’s provincial election…. He exits provincial politics at the zenith of his political career — he runs one of the most difficult of all portfolios, health, yet has retained widespread respect within the Christy Clark government, the public and even his opponents.”
    It made my blood temperature go up despite the freezing weather for what I would consider pretty obvious reasons, walk-in clinics notwithstanding.
    Now here you are feebly writing about one of the most astonishing governmental failures of recent times. Terry Lake’s job was not to parrot Todd Stone on Tweeter. Even to a casual observer the failures and perhaps some basic answers are obvious. The
    Minister and his supporters, including media types, need to step on the toes of the highly paid, arguably redundant burocratii and the highly paid “high priests” of the medical system. Is 6 AM to early of a start? Too bad, get to work there are patients awaiting…

  2. The first thing the gov’t could do , is lift the cap on how many people a day doctors are allowed to see. That is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to making clinics more efficient all by it self.

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