DUDY – ‘I will not be seeking the Mayor’s chair at this time’

Dieter Dudy arrives at his election-night gathering.

Dieter Dudy. (File photo)

Coun. Dieter Dudy won’t run for mayor “at this time” and isn’t taking a position on whether there should be a by-election or whether council should pick an interim mayor from among its current members. He posted this Facebook message today (Saturday, Dec. 17, 2016):

As many of you may well be aware Mayor Peter Milobar has been nominated to run under the B.C. Liberal party’s banner in the up coming May provincial election. Should he prevail a decision would have to be made as to how council’s makeup should look until the election of Oct. 2018.

Mayor Milobar technically and legally could do both jobs. I don’t believe anyone thinks that that would be the most realistic or prudent choice as each position carries a fairly heavy job load.

That brings about the question as to how to fill the Mayor’s seat until the general election for local government in 2018. One option would be to hold a by-election which would likely take place in Sept. of 2017 at an expense of $100,000+ .

This option could involve more than just voting for Mayor as there may be some on council wishing to move into the chair. Those wishing to do this would have to resign their council seats and thereby making them available in a by-election. Using this process the final year of this council term could have a distinctly different flavour than the current one which could be good or bad dependent on your perception.

The second option would be for council to finish out the term with eight people and appointing an interim Mayor (who would disqualify themselves from seeking the office at the end of term) to serve and fulfill the duties of the office. This option provides some continuity to both staff and the public as the term isn’t disrupted by political activity and the likely need to have new people grow into their seats for the final year of the term.

By having the interim Mayor disqualified from running for that position in the next local government election you don’t allow one individual to gain an unfair advantage over others interested in the position. By effectively not tampering with the current makeup of council other than to move one individual we make it easier for staff to work with a council that is familiar with the current strategic direction. 

So those are the two options and other than to say I will not be seeking the Mayor’s chair at this time I will not lean one way or the other. I would like each of you to tell me which measure you feel best contributes to the welfare of the community.

Please remember however that we can’t put the cart before the horse. Mayor Milobar would have to win a seat in the legislature to have any of this happen. If he weren’t to win then I’m more than certain that he will want to continue on as Mayor. Please give me your thoughts.

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4 Comments on DUDY – ‘I will not be seeking the Mayor’s chair at this time’

  1. Considering the lackluster, truly it is, current filling of the mayoral chair a rotating mayor, just for technical reason, will be more than sufficient and fiscally prudent. I do not get the interim mayor not allowed to seek reelection…how come is the current mayor allowed? How is an interim mayor gaining an unfair advantage any more than a regular mayor?

  2. -Pat should be the interim Mayor and thus, ‘There’ll be a nap after Tuesday City Council sessions in the Chamber.,’ so bring your own comfy pillow; tea and cookies will be provided after every second Tuesday meeting -just before siesta.

    “As well, recently, the City of Kamloops has also added Facebook, Twitter, RSS … As well, anyone can come to a Tuesday council meeting to ask questions…” (…/internet-increasingly-important-form-of- communication-1.1230023‎ )

    You know, if anyone can come in and ask questions, why not get one of the local property owners in the Kamloops jurisdiction -for each week- to provide their services of an in Council Interim Mayor? For as long as your paying property taxes why not get a feel for what it’s like on the inside…”Hear, Hear!”

  3. I am hoping that the reason for not contesting the seat NOW means that you will be contesting the seat when it does become vacant or open in the next Municipal Election.

  4. That’s the part that gets to me, if he doesn’t win the lib position, he will just stay on as Mayor. How nice would that be for everyone who is job seeking. Since Dudy has indicated he will not be running for the Mayor’s Chair, let him do the interim job and then hopefully Christian will be elected to the permanent position.

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