FORSETH – If protesters against Trans Mountain want to go to jail, let them

pipe-transmountain-mapIS IT TOO LATE to weigh in on the Trans Mountain Pipeline now that it has been approved?

I don’t think so.

Alan ForsethI, along with hundreds of thousands of Canadians, have long been saying YES to this job creating project, a project that will generate billions in resources to local, provincial and federal governments.

Taxpayers have been tapped, and tapped again and again, for more and more money. I for one say, “We don’t have any more to give!”

That said, I know that we need improvements to health care as more and more Canadians age, for education to provide for new schools, and improvements to ones already in our neighbourhoods, for training to help mature workers transition into the new economies, for highway improvements and so much more.

Those same naysayers are calling for more spending in these areas, and yet they seem to have no reality as to where this money can, or will, come from.

Oh right, let the rich pay. Well they never do; it’s always the ever shrinking middle class that coughs up more and more of their hard earned income.

An email I received earlier this week from Canada’s Energy Citizens stated that with the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion we could see more than 32,000 jobs every year for the next 25 years; jobs that will provide an additional $47 billion in revenue for governments at all levels, including First Nations.

Meantime, a loud minority of hypocritical British Columbians continue to shout of doom and gloom should Trans Mountain go ahead, despite an existing pipeline already in place where the expansion is planned and a safety record any industrial company in the world would be proud of.

Regardless of fact, scientific studies and research, these doom and gloom naysayers continue to spout hyperbole. All the while, some in the media spotlight these agitators who will not be satisfied with anything less than Canadian energy resources being shut down completely, and as soon as possible.

Ever ready to get on her green agenda soapbox, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has welcomed the opportunity to go to jail in her fight to oppose the project.

What do I mention that?

Because it’s GOOD, great in fact. Put her, along with the mayors of Vancouver, Burnaby, and Victoria in jail then if that’s where they want to be.

I’m sure there has to be at least one recently closed jail available for use, that can house protesters that get in the way of this project going ahead. By putting them all together in one place, we can take satisfaction in providing them with a place to console each another and to chant, drum, and sing Kumbaya to their hearts content.

Canadian resources have been trapped for too long, and the federal governments approval of this project is long overdue. Let’s get on with it.

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada, the B.C. Reform Party and theB.C. Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

About Mel Rothenburger (8047 Articles) is a forum about Kamloops and the world. It has more than one million views. Mel Rothenburger is the former Editor of The Daily News in Kamloops, B.C. (retiring in 2012), and past mayor of Kamloops (1999-2005). At he is the publisher, editor, news editor, city editor, reporter, webmaster, and just about anything else you can think of. He is grateful for the contributions of several local columnists. This blog doesn't require a subscription but gratefully accepts donations to help defray costs.

8 Comments on FORSETH – If protesters against Trans Mountain want to go to jail, let them

  1. tony brumell // December 7, 2016 at 11:32 PM // Reply

    A very wise individual once said it is difficult to win an argument with an intelligent knowledgable individual but it is impossible to win one with the willfully ignorant.Just read something not written by the Frazer institute.Try the Pembina inst or forest ethics.You guys slay me .Ha Ha Ha.

  2. Trans Mountain was a great company and has won awards but they are now being dragged through the current mess by greedy, sloppy owners who try to weld cheap Chinese pipe (Kalamazoo: 8 ft factory weld broke) welding inspectors fired instead of good North American steel used.
    The National Response Center, the sole federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills in the U.S. and its territorial waters, has found Kinder Morgan responsible for more than 1,800 violations since it was incorporated in 1997, nearly 500 of which are pipeline incidents…. Kinder Morgan and Enbridge should be banned from Canada. Their track record has disqualified them from participating in Canada.
    Where the heck is investigative journalism these days? Please ReSearch truth instead of RePeating spam…

  3. tony brumell // December 5, 2016 at 11:18 AM // Reply

    We may not know where the money is coming from,but we do know where the co2 will come from.Try to stay alive Mr. Forseth at 450 ppm of co2.When ocean levels rise up to six meters and most of the worlds coastal cities and virtually all of the lowlands that grow our food are under water we can have this conversation again.Maybe we can use the fictitious $47 billion dollars to build levees to keep the oceans out.
    Just try fore once to get out of that little corporate box you seem to live in and consider someone else’s point of view.You don’t have to remain willfully blind.

    • Alan Forseth // December 5, 2016 at 7:31 PM // Reply

      Canada has the cleanest production of fossil fuels in the world. And as for rising see levels, we’ve been hearing story now for decades, with little to no appreciable change. Nice try though with 20+ foot sea level increases … that’s a new one on me, and most people

  4. Where are these ‘green’ alternatives? Winter is here. We need the oil now. So does the rest of the world. Like it or not, we are using oil for the next while. It is far cleaner than coal. My dad said that, in winter, you could hardly breathe as people burned coal to warm their houses. I remember Kamloops in the ’60s. Lots of smoke from beehive burners and wood heat. We have come a long way and we are still going. The increased investment will not be there without oil money paying wages and taxes. No oil, no industry.

  5. This is a recycled Joe Oliver speech, the bitumin bubble is over !

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this pipeline already IN PLACE and the plans are to twin, tripple or enlarge it? Do these protesters know that it is already in place and delivering oil, so what is the problem? I fail to understand……….why have they used this already provide oil with not a murmur?

  7. But we will need less and less oil going forward…the alternatives are coming. Why not spend the money to contribute in making sure the dirty and destructive oil business becomes irrelevant by the way of increasing investment and creating jobs in green technologies?

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