YOU SAY – Oil pipelines make less economic sense than they appear to

Some reader comments from our Facebook page on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pipeline decision:

Miles Pruden (Dec. 1, 2016): I don’t feel too strongly about pipelines from an environmental perspective but think they make less economic sense than they appear to. The cost of renewable energy is plummeting. As of 2016 the cheapest solar in the world is cheaper than oil, gas or any other power. This isn’t true for all regions and solar doesn’t make sense for all applications yet but it is rapidly overtaking all energy competitors. Much of the money we put into pipeline infrastructure and developing our workforce towards oil and gas sector is like putting money and training into the Atlantic cod fishery in 1990. It’s profitable now but it will end in poverty. With pipelines we’re betting on the wrong horse and you can prove it by comparing trends in energy and storage costs.

(Kinder Morgan photo)
(Kinder Morgan photo)

Don Lee (Nov. 30, 2016): I don’t agree with Trudeau very often but I agree with him now. The majority of BCers want the pipe line to go threw. The NDP Mayor is stirring up his gang of antis.

Heather Prest Kjelgren (Nov. 29, 2016): Many of us are pleased with the decision; hasn’t betrayed us.

Lynne Borie (Nov. 29, 2016): Actually, I am a British Columbian and he didn’t betray me. Don’t speak for all of us.



  1. Trudeau has banned tanker traffic from BC’s northern coast in order to protect it, yet doesn’t think BC’s southern coast needs protection. Some kind of pretzel logic there.

  2. If you don’t understand the probable impacts of 500ppm of co2 then I suggest you pick up and read a few books on the subject.A 2 meter rise in ocean levels will flood most of the biggest cities on earth.Those people will be displaced and will come to the high ground and impact whatever way of life exists there.This will happen long before the turn of the next century so enjoy what you got ,it won’t be around for to long

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