HARRISON – There’s a new sheriff in town, and we’d better get used to it

NOW THAT the dust has settled a bit after last week’s U.S. Presidential election, it’s time to start separating the fear and shock from reality.

harrisonhed-sep2016Donald Trump has been characterized as a loose cannon, a misogynist, inexperienced, and impulsive, none of which are characteristics that make for a good presidency.

But the dirty campaign to win election is done, and Trump demonstrated during his victory address, and his acknowledgement of Hillary Clinton’s hard fought campaign and her long public service that he indeed has manners and can be gracious.

But there will no doubt be significant change, and a great deal of it, and Canada will feel it, in some ways good and others not so much.

Trump, for instance, favours the Keystone XL pipeline, and while he’s declared the U.S. should get a piece of the profits, should that mega-billion-dollar project proceed, it will be of significant benefit to the Alberta economy and, by extension, Canada’s economy.

On a more global basis, those countries who have taken Barack Obama as something of a patsy will have to quickly reassess their positions and relationships with the United States. Trump is likely to ensure the U.S. regains much of the respect it’s lost on the international stage.

Moreover, countries like Canada will have to begin paying a greater share of the cost of NATO.

It’s also going to be interesting to see how Justin Trudeau will relate to the Trump presidency, after fawning over the Obamas during a Washington visit earlier this year. And, of course, the crippling emphasis on trying to hold back climate change won’t likely be the priority it’s been the past several years as Trump focuses on a stronger economy, one that works for more Americans.

Whether it’s for the better, or worse, and despite the ongoing protests in the streets, there’s a new sheriff in town, and Americans and the world had better get used to it.

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5 Comments on HARRISON – There’s a new sheriff in town, and we’d better get used to it

  1. Wow… this is perhaps the most shallow analysis of the election I’ve seen yet… why is it worthy of editorial space??

  2. CAMILLE B VILLENEUVE // November 15, 2016 at 10:42 PM // Reply

    Maybe the people were “desperate for a change”, but they got the wrong man elected. Your “new sheriff” is clueless, a demagogue of the worst kind, a fascist and a pathological liar. He is most dangerous as he has no respect for reality and truth. Look at the people he wants to bring in: Bannon, a known racist and conspiracy theorist. Giulani, who was mayor but has no world experience expect taking money from regimes hostile to the US. Christie of Bridgegate. And his VP Pence wants to institute a theocracy and bring the country back to the dark ages…. Nothing to love there, nothing to trust.

  3. Your advice is to get used to it. I will not. I will not get used to a rise in xenophobia. I will not get used to a rise in racism. I will not get used to isolationism. I will not get used to this Presidency. I will not normalize or acquiesce or appease hate mongers. Ever.

  4. Well said Jim Harrison, I have a certain amount of respect for the new President-elect and I have a certain amount of hope invested in him and unlike a lot of people I realize that the american people were desperate for change, no, not Alec Baldwin and Whoopie Goldberg, they have life by the scruff of the neck, I mean Joe Average or Joe just a bit below average, they are the ones who need a change and a hope and now they’ve got it.

  5. The new sheriff will be the catalyst for an unprecedented upswing in social unrest unless he threads carefully and thoughtfully on all matters relating to human rights and the environment. He has already stoked fears and rattled people’s sentiments…this is no longer a made for television show. He will soon find out.

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