FORSETH – Finally, a news outlet calls BS on government news releases

Steve Darling, former Global TV anchor and now BC Liberal candidate. (YouTube)

Steve Darling, former Global TV anchor and now BC Liberal candidate. (YouTube)

TWO THINGS caught my eye today, that has spurred on my post today.

Alan ForsethOne was the fact that the Tri-City News has decided to trash media releases from the B.C. government, that are little more than generic announcements about every day things. The other was the announcement that former TV personality Steve Darling will be a candidate for the BC Liberals in next May’s provincial election.

First to the Tri-City News. In an editorial dated Nov. 8, titled, “We’re waiting for the good news,” they state:

“Stop, already! We get that the BC Liberal government wants credit for spending money to maintain the province’s schools. But it’s time the province stop sending press releases about small pots of money that are being spent on things like roof repairs and flooring upgrades — work that should be going no matter who is in power and doesn’t require the additional spotlight of media coverage.”

HURRAY, finally at least one news media outlet is saying what I have for years — enough crap about doing your job; it’s what you’re supposed to do. Painting lines on a highway, filling in potholes, fixing a roof, renovating a hospital ward — that’s NOT news, and it’s NOT worthy of news coverage, or the (tens of) thousands of dollars that get spent flying, and driving, around cabinet ministers to grandiose news announcements.

Is there really that little of importance, that you are doing as a government, that you have to frivolously waste taxpayers’ money for this kind of crap?

Global TV, CTV, The Sun, The Province, the CBC, the Times Colonist and others, take notice of a small community paper and follow suit! DON’T give governments, at any level, ink space for nothing announcements. Instead, like the Tri-City news, write an editorial yourselves decrying this meaninglessness drivel coming from the government’s propaganda departments.

Enough on that, and on to the second thing that caught my eye today … and that was the announcement by BC Liberals that they have brought former Global morning news personality Steve Darling to their team as a candidate, for Burnaby Lougheed.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Steve Darling, but I’m just wondering what exactly he brings to the table, as a BC Liberal candidate, other than name recognition?

A quick look at Wikipedia for him shows no information, and no accomplishments … and a look at his LinkedIn page simply says:

Journalist / News Anchor
Global TV (BC)
September 1998 – October 2016 (18 years 2 months) Vancouver, B.C. Canada Area. Former Anchor Global BC Morning News.

So again I ask, what exactly does he bring to the table? And can, perhaps, the same be asked of another former Global TV ‘personality’, Jas Johal?

Here’s a thought.

Christy Clark, herself a media darling, along with Jas Johal and Steve Darling could become the entire media relations department for the B.C. government, thereby saving taxpayers millions of dollars. One can only hope.

Still staying with name recognition, comes news as well that Mathew Wilson, the son of Gordon Wilson (BC Liberal, Progressive Democratic Alliance, BC NDP, and back to BC Liberal fame), will also be running for the BC Liberals.

With the majority of current BC Liberal MLA’s staying in the fray it looks like, in many instances, Premier Christy Clark is going for name recognition, this time round. It will be interesting to see how that plays out for her when the campaign ends, and ballots get counted on election night.

In Kamloops, I’m Alan Forseth.

Alan Forseth is a Kamloops resident and former member of the Reform Party of Canada, the B.C. Reform Party and theB.C. Conservative Party. His blog is My Thoughts on Politics and More.

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6 Comments on FORSETH – Finally, a news outlet calls BS on government news releases

  1. Stewart Duncan // November 14, 2016 at 4:53 PM // Reply

    In any work-for-hire, the employee (in this case the provincial government) needs to keep its employer (the public) informed about what it is doing, even if it’s too boring for the more intellectual pundits.
    But gov’t SHOULD be reporting that it is repairing, upgrading, maintaining, restoring … infrastructure, schools, etc.
    Sure, it’s just the job and the gov’t doesn’t get extra credit for it, but the public should be kept informed, even when it’s boring “news.”
    Where it gets ridiculous is when the gov’t sends out a press release for every petty chore. One press release per week or month summarizing the work should suffice. If anything on the list appeals to a community paper, a reporter can call for more details.
    But telling the gov’t to shut up about the mundane is dead wrong.

  2. I for one agree with you.It’s great when an important matter is attended to but a waste of time and money to curry favour with the public over inconsequential matters .Should I report every time I go and spend money at the farmers market?This helps the economy of course but is not newsworthy.MZ Clark does so much to obfuscate and hide the truth about the impact of her “Pet “projects in the environment that it is disgusting .She doesn’t know or seem to care about commitments given to first nations she makes sure that that doesn’t even reach the media.She and now apparently Mr Darling do not know or care about the trajic consequences of
    fracking associated with LNG projects and maybe don’t understand this world impacts of carbon release on global warming.The pipelines must be stopped and reconciliation must be more than just lip service.

    Tony Brumell Kamloops

  3. If substance is missing, like the Tri-City news, write an editorial yourselves decrying this meaninglessness drivel coming from the government’s propaganda departments and “ask some investigative questions”.

  4. Mr. Forseth;
    You write: “…enough crap about doing your job; it’s what you’re supposed to do.”
    I have been saying it for years…people want “uber” recognition for barely doing just that…their job. That’s not confined to the realm of the provincial government…it is a wide spread malady.
    But if “substance” ain’t there what can one do?

  5. MARIE prince // November 14, 2016 at 6:29 AM // Reply

    Well it stood her very well last time round. I think she and her cabinet would have to do something other than keep this province afloat for people to stop being scared of how the NDP rapidly tanks our province every time they are elected and vote for them.

    • Baloney !!! Do your research before you make statements like that or maybe you just like to parrot whatever the Lieberals put out there.

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