HARRISON – KGHM should tell City to pound sand

Ajax-officePOUND SAND. Get lost!

Perhaps in a more politically correct way, this is what the people at KGHM Ajax ought to be telling Kamloops Council.

harrisonhed-sep2016Of course the mine wants to do everything possible to generate support and to put minds at ease for a proposal that has been, to put it mildly, contentious in the community.

Because of the controversial nature of the proposed mine location, it agreed to pay the city of Kamloops $300,000 to hire a consultant of its choosing to review the mine application and the measures proposed to ensure it could operate in relative harmony with the community.

Yet the company has had little but grief from some of these council members who aren’t prepared to be confused by the science, or basic facts, and who have engaged in overt fear mongering. They don’t want the mine, they say, regardless of any mitigation measures or safeguards promised, and aren’t likely to vote for formal support, even the mine gave them a million dollars.

The hiring of an independent consultant was unnecessary from the outset. There is a provincial review process that is going over the mine application with a fine tooth comb, and whose mandate is to ensure it can operate safely, and not impair the quality of life of the nearby community.

The mayor says the use of an independent consultant was intended to provide the community with an additional level of comfort. But that’s a lot of money for mere comfort.

Given the unnecessary duplication of effort by the independent consultant, and the rancorous relationship some council members have created with the mine company, it’s astonishing that the City now has the gall to panhandle for more cash from KGHM.

We wouldn’t blame the company one bit if it told Kamloops Council to take a hike!

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4 Comments on HARRISON – KGHM should tell City to pound sand

  1. More boring comments from Harrison, who cares what he has to say.

  2. tony brumell // October 7, 2016 at 11:28 AM // Reply

    Typical Harrison right winger comments.Talking about something he knows nothing about.The process has been held up by KGHM in hopes that the opposition will go away or the price of copper will nearly double,which it would have to do in order to make this mine profitable.Profitable or not the people of Kamloops all have aright to agree or disagree.without the other side calling them names .We all have the right to our say and the truth will out eventually.
    If you don’t think that past behaviour is a clue to future behavior look at past mining trajedies in B.C.No mine in BC or in Canada has ever fully lived up to it’s closure/environmental committments

  3. We’ve been telling KGHM Ajax to pound sand for months and years… but like an un-neutered mangy mutt, they’re still stuck to our leg.

  4. Science? I get to the western end of Kenna Cartwright park at least once a week, either on foot or on my bicycle. I often see a dusty haze blowing towards Kamloops lake/Savona coming from the NewGold mine site. It does not take a scientist to extrapolate that exact scenario affecting Kamloops, but much
    more intense, if KAM ever gets built. You can pound sand all you want Jim, I just do not want to breathe it regularly.

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