Oh, poop — it’s in the doggie bag

Byron McCorkell shows council new doggie sign for parks.

Byron McCorkell shows council new doggie sign for parks.

NEWS/ CITY — Whether you call it poo, poop, crap, droppings or something more colourful, dogs are walking, dumping machines. And their owners are pretty good at picking up what their pets leave but they aren’t so good at disposing of the bags.

The City provides plastic doggie bags at locations near parks and trails for the convenience of dog owners to clean up after man’s and woman’s best friend.

Coun. Arjun Singh asked parks director Byron McCorkell at Tuesday’s council meeting if more signage would help remind people they’re supposed to take the plastic bags with them instead of dropping them on the ground after they’ve scooped the poop.

McCorkell admitted bags full of doggie dump aren’t a pleasant sight along trails. “It has become a bit of a tradition in Kamloops to see the bags along the trail,” he said.

“Fido will go within about one minute of coming out of the vehicle.”

Carrying a bag of dog droppings isn’t everybody’s idea of a good time, so a lot of dog owners clean up but leave the bags on the ground, he said. However, some of them do so planning to pick them up on the way back.

“My immediate thought is, at least it’s in a bag,” McCorkell said.

“We have a tremendous amount of dog activity in our parks and it’s good and bad.”

He showed council a new sign the City wants to use and said dog owners should be the ones who pay for any increase in efforts to keep parks and trails clear of the canine waste matter.

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4 Comments on Oh, poop — it’s in the doggie bag

  1. Council has the time and money to do this, but it can’t make a decision on tethering dogs ? Absolutely Pathetic.

  2. This begs the question why use PLASTIC bags in the first place. Patricianly in the wildness type parks. The sun, rain and God will look after wo/man’s best friends gift to humankind.

  3. Pierre Filisetti // March 4, 2015 at 6:27 AM // Reply

    An increased number of strategically placed sturdier, easy to use garbage receptacles which are emptied regularly would help tremendously, in my opinion.
    Unfortunately enough, there will always be a certain amount of ignorant, careless human behavior to contend with.

  4. Oh my God, will we never stop whining in this City. I doubt very much this situation is peculiar to Kamloops and I tend to agree with McCorkell that at least it is in the bag. I have a much harder time with those people that don’t pick up at all, and sadly there are many.

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