‘Authentic public participation’ says group

NEWS/ CIVIC ELECTION 2014 — A group of Kamloops civic-election candidates calling itself an alliance rather than a slate unveiled a five-point platform Thursday.

Will we ever get a new City Hall? (Daily News photo)

Vision Kamloops unveils platform. (Daily News photo)

Dieter Dudy, Jenny Green, Brad Harrison, Daphane Nelson and Denis Walsh are running under the banner of Vision Kamloops.

Thursday, they said they are running on the core values of economic growth and diversity; business friendly environment; participatory government; tax management, fiscal responsibility and City spending; and community health and quality of life.

They said the City needs to take “a more proactive leadership role” in forging partnerships with TRU, Interior Health, the TNRD and the school district.

Agriculture, tourist, government services, green high-tech and associated secondary industries need to be encouraged, said the group.

Retention of small business is another focus, as well as fostering an environment “for authentic public participation that is inclusive, engaged and meaningful” and reviewing the current municipal electoral system.

Also mentioned in the platform is invigorating arts and culture, an apparent reference to plans for a new performing arts centre. While there were few specifics in the platform, Walsh said the group will provide more details as the campaign proceeds.

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5 Comments on ‘Authentic public participation’ says group

  1. Personally I feel the public does get fair notice to put their input in on projects. IE Columbia street changes, 12th street changes, yearly budget meetings. Only problem is is that attendance is barely there. So is this an issue of the public not caring or is more engagement needed? Or is it a bit of both?

    • I have found that they invite input, but more often than not ignore the input they receive if it doesn’t match their agenda. I have pretty well given up on public consultation – it is hard to make the time to go and give input, there is no objective way to tell if it does anything and most of the time I feel it is just so they can say they did it and has nothing to do with the final decision.

      If consultation is not meaningful, it is bogus!

  2. They couldn’t have picked a more unfortunate name. Just look at what is happening in Vancouver under the current group with the same name.

  3. Mel, if you have the time it would be neat to see your opinion on electoral parties at the civic level as well as the mentioning of Kamlops using a hybrid ward system. Also, your opinion on the state of politics in Kamloops. Is it tainted or is it the same as when you held office? You always have quite balanced insights.

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