Answer Man — How do you spell ‘Cardieux’?

The house at Cardew  ranch (Wildemere). (KMA #5152)

The house at Cardew
ranch (Wildmere). (KMA #5152)

Dear Answer Man,

What is the correct spelling of Cardieux as in that hill south of Knutsford? Some research shows it as Cardoo. The Daily News spelled it Cardieux; could be named after a pioneer family?

Sorely miss the Daily News. We love your blog.


Monte Creek

Dear Thelma,

The correct spelling is Cardew.

I checked first in my copy of Mary Balf’s classic book Kamloops, A History of the District up to 1914, which was first published by the Kamloops Museum Association back in 1969.

While the book mentions Harold Woolmer Cardew as having taken over the property of Amni Shumway at Shumway Lake in 1888, I recalled Mary having written a more detailed article on the Cardew family as part of a newspaper series she wrote for several years.

Sitting room at Wildemere. (KMA)

Sitting room at Wildmere. (KMA)

That required a trip to the museum as the article isn’t yet posted on line.

Archivist Robb Gilbert quickly found it for me, along with some photos. Mary’s article, titled The Cardew Ranch, contains a lot of interesting information.

It says Amni Shumway (who, incidentally, was one of the Nicola Valley ranchers robbed by my notorious ancestors The Wild McLeans as they made their ride south after killing Const. John Ussher in 1879) pre-empted 160 acres at the end of the lake in October, 1876.

He sold the ranch to Harold Cardew and George E. Kirby, with Cardew buying out Kirby’s share in 1892. Cardew came from Helimngham, Suffolk.

After buying the land from Shumway, he built a house on the hillside, and bought cattle and horses. Cardew met Evelyn Maude Blackman during a visit to Britain in 1891, and the next year she came to Canada and they were married.

“In June 1897 Cardew was advertising in the Sentinel to sell Wildmere, as the farm was now called; his wife found life in the wilds a great strain,” Balf wrote.

They moved their family to Victoria, renting and eventually selling the ranch to William McLeod, and then went back to Britain.

Sadly, the Wildmere ranch house burned down some time in the early 1900s. Harold Cardew died in 1916; Maude survived until 1964. Mary Balf’s article notes that the Cardew ranch became the property of the Frolek Cattle Company.

Cardew Hill is named for Harold Cardew.


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Cardew Ranch - Wildmere. (KMA #5153)

Cardew Ranch – Wildmere. (KMA #5153)

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2 Comments on Answer Man — How do you spell ‘Cardieux’?

  1. Chad Affleck // July 20, 2014 at 11:14 PM // Reply

    Thank you Thelma for your question regarding this area.
    As a member of the family that has made ‘The Cardew’ our home for the past decade we would like thank you too Mr. Mayor for this very interesting story.
    The little research which I have done did not uncover near as much information.
    We really enjoyed the fabulous photos that you had discovered as well. It is Interesting to see how the location had started out ‘way back when.’
    Really, I cant say enough about your site Mr. Rothenburger.
    Another trip to the museum is not far away

  2. Lawrence Beaton // July 20, 2014 at 9:48 AM // Reply

    Wonderful article, as are all articles in Answer Man, as an historian, you are telling us so much about the story of Kamloops and area. Well done.

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