EDITORIAL – The answer is yes, wearing masks should be the law

An editorial by Mel Rothenburger.

IT’S MY TURN to weigh in on the mask issue.

In a word, yes.

Yes, it should be mandatory to wear them. Why? Because so few people do it on their own.

A few months ago, wearing masks wasn’t considered worthwhile. Dr. Bonnie Henry, Dr. Theresa Tam and all the other experts said there was no point to it. Since then, of course, they’ve changed their tune.

Masks lessen our chances of infecting others with COVID-19, and that’s the key. If it was only about protecting ourselves, it wouldn’t matter so much. But wearing a mask signals that we care about the health of our fellow human beings.

I’m sure if you don’t wear a mask it doesn’t mean you don’t care. But I get sick of hearing people say it’s about their human rights, that they aren’t afraid of COVID-19. Well, pay attention.


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3 Comments on EDITORIAL – The answer is yes, wearing masks should be the law

  1. Jennie Stadnichuk // June 26, 2020 at 1:11 AM // Reply

    I first wore the N95 (much sought after) mask 2 yrs ago during the terribly smokey summers. As a person with asthma they made it safer to garden during the smokey days. Truth be told they were not pleasant to wear and they continue to be uncomfortable today. I wear glasses and the mask pushes steam under my glasses clouding my vision. If I walk quickly, the mask makes breathing very difficult. Because mask wearing as a necessity was debunked by B Henry and Health Authorities I find it difficult if not impossible to suddenly accept they are a good & necessary thing to do. Convince me? I know I have not travelled overseas (only in Kamloops), nor have I been ill or around anyone who was ill, so in reality what does the mask protect others from when they’re with me? Perhaps if the Health Authorities can say they made a mistake initially about wearing masks, perhaps then I will reconsider my attitude. I have a box full of masks and I do wear them when I go out. But let me tell you that is seldom. Life has changed a lot since Covid 19 struck! I am fortunate to have a passion for creating beauty in my garden, with many activities to occupy my time from reading, to gardening to Facebook occasionally. But FORCE me to wear a mask? I will go out far less than I do now — spend a lot less money — and how do you fix the economy with many of us folks having the same attitude. THE MASKS MAY BE CUTE AND TRENDY BUT THEY ARE NOT COMFORTABLE! I am normally a friendly and very social person but COVID has taken much of that away. How to go out for dinner with friends when they are not the ones you’ve been isolating with? My social circle and social life has shrunken a lot. I would say that many if not most people feel the same way as I do.

  2. Sandy Macdougall // June 25, 2020 at 5:41 AM // Reply

    I half-assed agree with Mel’s comments but for some of us wearing a mask, particularly the medical types, imakes it very hard to breathe.
    I will wear a mask but only when absolutley necessary such as for medical appointments. Otherwise, I stay home.
    On a humorous note, being a politician, it’s easy for Mel to wear a mask and that’s alrright as long as he leaves his guns at home.

  3. Mel Mel- you are soooo wrong! Sad you have any platform for this drivel! Wish you the best though!

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