Q&A – What I asked Canada Post about mailboxes; what Canada Post answered

(Image: Mel Rothenburger)

After discovering a break-in at a community mailbox this week, I put on my Armchair Mayor hat and contacted Canada Post to ask a few questions. Here are the questions, and here’s the response, which wasn’t particularly enlightening:

Good afternoon. I have left a voicemail but will try it this way as well.

I do daily freelance commentary for CFJC-TV in Kamloops, B.C. and my questions are:

Has there been a rash of break-ins to community mailboxes in the Kamloops rural area in the past week?
Can you release statistics on the number of such break-ins nation-wide or within the Kamloops region in the past six months or year?
How much has the new mailbox design reduced theft?
Is the technology for community mailboxes still being improved?
What percentage of community mailboxes are still of the old type, which was much easier to break into?

I ask these questions in the context of discovering today that the community mailbox at which I receive my mail has been broken into. (I have reported this to Canada Post.) This break-in was obviously accomplished with power tools, so an additional question is how thieves are trying to keep up with changes to mailbox design that make break-ins more difficult?

My deadline would be the end of day today if at all possible.


Good afternoon Mel,

We are aware of the incidents that have taken place at some mailboxes Kamloops.

We take these matters and the security of the mail very seriously. Having said that, there is only one type of person that chooses to break the law — that’s a criminal, and they are determined regardless of the target. It takes an equal level of determination to deter and stop those who commit property crimes.

Canada Post is committed to do everything possible to support the police in their efforts to do so. While we will not provide specifics, our efforts involve everything from equipment, to monitoring, to working closely with police.

For your story, feel free to also mention that we encourage anyone who witnesses suspicious activities to immediately report them to the police and contact Canada Post’s Customer Service at 1-800-267-1177.​


Media Relations
Canada Post

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2 Comments on Q&A – What I asked Canada Post about mailboxes; what Canada Post answered

  1. Kind of makes you wonder where Canada Post finds their Darcia Kmets.

    Sounds like a close cousin to our Prime Minister and Justice Minister, among others.

    Nice to know we have Criminals who are breaking the law.
    If we are law abiding, helps us to rest easy.
    And so enlightening to be advised that if someone sees suspicious activity to report it.
    Other than that, of all the specific questions you asked may be properly described as:
    “ A waste of breath”.

  2. You really didn’t expect them to be more forth coming did you Mel ? Ever since the Conservatives , under Harper, started this program, it has been a joke security wise. The people in charge don’t appear to give a rats butt . I highly doubt that CP can honestly show that this program has saved them any money over the years either. Even Mcleod could have been more imaginative in coming up with blather-skate for an answer.

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