HARRISON – Pride Parades shouldn’t be needed any more


TRU president Alan Shaver walks in Pride Parade.

ANOTHER pride parade on the campus of Thompson Rivers University, but why?

Sure those who have a different sexual orientation like to march, and show their colours, but we have moved into 2016. Those who are part of the LBGTQ community no longer have to hide in a closet somewhere.

Our society has reached the point where their sexual orientation no longer is frowned upon, and is accepted as part of our diversity, as the catch phrase puts it.

It’s okay to be lesbian or homosexual so why the need for annual pride parades?

It’s a little like religion now — practise what you will, but don’t shove it into the faces of others who are not inclined to be part of your crowd.

This whole business of a pride parade has become tiresome. The world knows you’re there. Some will continue to judge you, but most have gone beyond that now and have come to accept there are people who think and behave differently than they do.

By strutting around, and waving colourful flags, and shouting empty slogans, they actually set themselves apart!

Heterosexuals don’t feel the need to have a parade every year to express what they feel is right, and if the LBGTQ community ever wants to be accepted as part of the mainstream, neither do they.

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