Venables fire near Ashcroft. (B.C. Wildfire Management photo)

Smoke, noise accompany several fires

NEWS/ WILDFIRES — Smoke drifted over Kamloops and nearby communities on Sunday afternoon from wildfires in the region, accompanied by the noise of air tankers. The fire, now at 2,174 hectares, remains highly visible from Highway 1, the village of Lytton and surrounding communities. Previous evacuations have been rescinded. A fire that started Saturday in the Venables Valley south of Ashcroft grew overnight to 30 hectares due to strong local winds. Local music festival attendees were moved out of the area as a precaution. Fire officials said Highway 1 may be closed from time to time while air tankers drop retardant. A fire was discovered near Parky Mountain southwest of Barriere on Saturday and was burning vigorously in slash, covering 17 hectares. It is not threatening any structures. Smoke from that fire was also visible from Highway 5 and from Barriere. It's suspected to … [Read More...]


Canada Day cake came together just in time, prompting a thumbs up from the crew.

Canada Day in Pictures

A slide show of some of the scenes at Canada Day celebrations in Riverside Park. … [Read More...]

Colourfully dressed audience for opening ceremonies.

Be there for Canada Day

Thousands will brave the construction zones and head down to Riverside Park this Canada Day to celebrate with a full day of culture, arts, music and festivities. The day … [Read More...]

(Mike Youds photo)

Oh Canada! Inside Art in the Park

By MIKE YOUDS Fifty years ago Canada emerged from a national debate of tremendous symbolic importance, one in which artists played a pivotal role. The Great … [Read More...]

One to watch for at Mainstage 2015 is Red Skeleton Theatre Company's production of This Country's Good. It's a dark comedy about British convicts mounting the first theatre production in Australia, all in the shadow of the hangman's noose.

B.C. Theatre Mainstage moves uptown

Mainstage 2015 Lineup All performances start at 7 p.m. at Sagebrush Theatre July 5: Bus Stop (Nanaimo Theatre Group) July 6: Proof (Williams Lake Studio … [Read More...]

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Flood waters rushed down from above.

Local state of emergency remains in effect

NEWS/ FLOODING — The Local state of emergency for the Oak Hills subdivision area will remain in effect for about another week, says City Hall. A … [Read More...]

(City of Kamloops photo)

Concrete to be poured for deck joints on bridge

NEWS/ BRIDGE — Construction crews will be working earlier in the day to avoid the heat as they continue to make progress on the Overlanders Bridge … [Read More...]

Health Minister Terry Lake.

Health firings go to ombudsperson

NEWS/ POLITICS — The firing of several Ministry of Health researchers in 2012 has been referred to the provincial Ombudsperson for … [Read More...]

B.C. Coroners Service

Motorcyclist dies in accident on Highway 5A

NEWS/ CORONER — The B.C. Coroners Service has confirmed the identity of a man who died after a motorcycle incident near Kamloops on Thursday. He was … [Read More...]

Kamloops RCMP reported a variety of policing issues today.

Report of shooting a hoax

NEWS/ POLICE — A report of a shooting at a home in the 1100 block of 14th Street on Thursday turned out to be a hoax but RCMP say it probably wasn't a … [Read More...]

Flash flood swept debris through this yard on Parkview Drive,
onto Westsyde Road and into Oak Hills.

Flash-flood victims going home

NEWS/ FLOOD — Evacuation orders for all Westsyde residents hit by Tuesday's flash flood will be rescinded at 6 p.m. today, Wednesday. A declaration of … [Read More...]


State of emergency declared, 60 homes in Oak Hills evacuated in wake of flash flood

NEWS/ WEATHER — As a local state of emergency was declared late Tuesday night, crews were still working to clear debris from Westsyde Road and to suck … [Read More...]


Campfire ban takes effect noon Friday

NEWS/ WILDFIRES — Open fires including campfires will be banned throughout the Kamloops Fire Centre effective noon Friday. The B.C. Wildfire … [Read More...]

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Jack Knox

KNOX — Weeding out pot shops left up to cities

COLUMN — Grey area? There’s no grey area when it comes to medical marijuana dispensaries, says Pamela McColl. “The law is not grey,” she says, on the phone from Salt Spring Island. “The law is black and white.” So McColl, who speaks for a group called Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada, can’t understand why the storefronts are being allowed … [Read More...]

Rogers, Mark

ROGERS — Help streaming music to go mainstream

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at COLUMN — Napster is now a distant memory, but in its heydays between 1999 and 2001 when the site freely shared pirated songs, it was the scourge of the music industry. Apple opened the iTunes music store in 2003, made it easy to download paid-for music, … [Read More...]

Port in a storm — the hummers carried on business as usual.

ROTHENBURGER — The power of electricity

COLUMN — We take for granted so much in our modern lifestyles. My great-grandparents lived in this very house without insulation, electricity, running water, or indoor plumbing. It was heated by a maze of pipes snaking from room to room, connected to a wood stove that probably got as hot as the fires of hell in winter. They carried their water … [Read More...]


GINTA — Gifts of the land, to have and to cherish

Daniela Ginta writes for the Armchair Mayor News on Fridays COLUMN — The trails I run on around where we live are but forests of Saskatoon berry bushes. I usually stay away from words that may sound pompous if used in the wrong context but this time is different. Astonishing is the word for the amount of berries that adorn the hillsides, and … [Read More...]

David Charbonneau.

CHARBONNEAU — The corporatization of medicine

COLUMN — Supporters of health care held their collective breath last month as the votes were counted in the election for the president of Doctors of B.C. This was a runoff vote; the first one ended in a tie. The candidates for president couldn’t have been more different in their vision for healthcare. Dr. Alan Ruddiman wants to preserve our … [Read More...]

Tent in front of bandshell kept audience cool.

EDITORIAL — Big tent made Canada Day even better

EDITORIAL — Last year, the Armchair Mayor's editorial on this day offered some constructive criticisms about the Canada Day festivities in Riverside Park. It said right here that something really should be done about the lack of shade in front of the bandshell during opening ceremonies in the morning and entertainment later in the day. Canada … [Read More...]


RAESIDE — Going shopping in time for the election

  … [Read More...]

Rogers, Mark

ROGERS — Flags have meaning; let’s not forget it

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at COLUMN — It’s amazing how fast social change can take place sometimes. Gradually changing public sentiment and major tipping-point events have combined to see a flag associated with hate and segregation banished from U.S. retailers while a flag that … [Read More...]

Flag 2

ROTHENBURGER — Essential things to know on Canada Day

COLUMN — Each year, in the days leading up to Canada Day, I take the time for some personal reflection about my country. Many years, I am fair bursting with pride at the things we have accomplished, the products we've invented, the people who have done great things for the world. There continue to be many things that make Canada special. In … [Read More...]

Angela Wilson

LETTER — MP’s vote against anti-violence bill disgraceful

Open Letter to Cathy McLeod Regarding M444 Dear Ms. McLeod, I am a constituent in the riding you represent and I think its disgraceful that you voted against M-444, a motion for a National Action Plan to Address Violence Against Women. Violence against women is still a very real threat. Are you aware that in our country one woman is … [Read More...]


LETTER — Tell City council to ban cosmetic pesticides

Below are just some of the important reasons Kamloops new pesticide ban should be adopted. UBC, School of Population and Public Health wrote a letter to the B.C. Members of the Legislative Assembly. It stated, " I am writing in support of the need for strong pesticide legislation in British Columbia. As Professor and Canadian Cancer Society … [Read More...]

(Daniela Ginta photo)

GINTA — Taking care of our vulnerable ones

  Daniela Ginta writes for the Armchair Mayor News on Fridays. COLUMN — Between 1998 and 2002 when my oldest son was born, I spent every Saturday morning practising social skills with a boy who had autism. He had a very sweet face and big brown eyes, and, just like any other six-year-old, he was happy to have people visit. Because of … [Read More...]

David Charbonneau.

CHARBONNEAU — Reviewing the quagmire in Iraq

COLUMN — It’s time for the tredecennial review of the quagmire in Iraq. In my 2002 column, I cautioned: “If Iraq were completely destroyed, it will break in three: a Shiite protectorate of Iran in the South, a Kurdish state in the north and a small Sunni state in the middle. That would completely destabilize the whole region, inflaming more … [Read More...]

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