Beware of the credit card skimmer

NEWS/ POLICE — Kamloops RCMP today released photos of a credit card skimmer used at a local gas station and warned the public to beware. The skimmers, which steel credit card information, are hard to detect and look like a normal part of the card reader. The device shown in the photos was used at the Chevron Gas Station at 1795 East Trans-Canada Highway in Kamloops. Police said Chevron has put prevention measures in place at all Chevron gas stations in B.C. Skimmers are used by organized crime throughout Canada to access credit card information. "Credit card users need to be cautious when using their credit cards and credit card readers. This particular device is just one type of skimmer used to access credit card information by the criminal element," said Staff Sgt. Edward Preto. Anyone who suspects his or credit card information has been stolen or has been used for … [Read More...]


Phoenixevent copy

Jazz and dinner for Phoenix Centre

COMMUNITY — The Phoenix Centre and the Country Garden Greenhouse will team up to host an evening of entertainment and food Aug. 2 to raise money for the work done by the … [Read More...]


‘Thanks, Mom’

Fogerty fans flames of admiration By MIKE YOUDS A rainstorm set in as John Fogerty and band came back on stage with Bad Moon and Proud Mary on Saturday night, all … [Read More...]

Map and suitecase

TRAVEL — How do travel agents make money?

COLUMN — I often come across prospective clients who are skeptical about using a travel agent. Many people are under the impression that they can get better prices if … [Read More...]

Kamloops Marathon 2014

Annual marathon coming up fast

SPORTS — There's still time to be one of several hundred people who will sweat for a good cause Sunday in the 4th annual Kamloops Marathon. Online registration is open … [Read More...]

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City Hall

Ban on smoking in parks is up in the air

NEWS/ HEALTH - Fed up with second-hand smoke in Riverside Park, Bob Wren has challenged the City to ban smoking in parks as other communities have … [Read More...]

‘Our peace of mind, the health of our families’ is suffering

Dallas residents push for action on biosolids project NEWS/ ENVIRONMENT - Outraged that their health concerns have been ignored, a delegation of … [Read More...]

At the Ajax open-pit site, looking toward Knutsford.

Council wants both KGHM, KAPA to chip in for independent study on Ajax mine application

By MIKE YOUDS The City will ask mine proponent KGHM as well as its chief opponent, Kamloops Area Preservation Association, to contribute to the … [Read More...]


Candidates to talk on electoral reform

NEWS/ POLITICS — Three of the four candidates in the upcoming federal election — all except incumbent Conservative MP Cathy McLeod — will talk about … [Read More...]

Traffic backed up after accidents. (Drive B.C.)

6 taken to RIH after Coq pileups

NEWS/ POLICE — Six people were taken to Royal Inland Hospital with non-life threatening injuries after a multi-vehicle pileup in during rain and hail … [Read More...]

Ajax, not just about jobs.

City ponders $300,000 for independent review of Ajax environmental application

NEWS/ AJAX — Kamloops City council will be asked next week to approve $300,000 for independent consultants to review the KGHM Ajax environmental … [Read More...]

Hoffman's Bluff area of Trans Canada.

First phase of controversial Hoffman’s Bluff stretch completed

NEWS — Politicians today celebrated the completion of construction on the first three km. of four-laning in the controversial Hoffman's Bluff section … [Read More...]

Old Ajax pit. (KGHM Ajax photo)

Final version of application guidelines issued — what KGHM Ajax must tell us about its plan

NEWS/ AJAX — KGHM Ajax has received its final marching orders on what it must cover in its application for an environmental assessment permit to build … [Read More...]

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Cecil the lion.

EDITORIAL — Killing of Cecil the lion a stupid, cowardly act

EDITORIAL — The killing of Cecil the lion was wrong on so many counts it's hard to know where to start. Cecil, of course, is the famous lion wounded with an arrow from the bow of now-infamous American dentist and big-game hunter Walter Palmer, and finished off with a rifle two days later. The lion was being studied by scientists in Zimbabwe's … [Read More...]

(Daniela Ginta photo)

GINTA — Why every vote counts

Daniela Ginta writes for the Armchair Mayor News on Fridays. COLUMN — A couple of weeks ago Canadians living abroad woke up to sobering news: those who have lived abroad for more than five years do not have the right to vote in Canada anymore. The reason, according to the Ontario Court of Appeal, is that their vote would harm Canada’s … [Read More...]


RAESIDE — Now accepting applications

[Read More...]

David Charbonneau.

CHARBONNEAU – Bureaucracy (the word) is dead

COLUMN - Nobody talks about bureaucracy anymore. When they do, it’s a quaint word from the Sixties when hippies raged against faceless bureaucrats.   Those faceless gray bureaucrats turned us into numbers, not the individualistic, free-willed, peace-loving, flower children that we were. Paperbacks like The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit … [Read More...]

Rogers, Mark

ROGERS — Amazon could turn Walmart into a dinosaur

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at COLUMN — It wasn't that long ago that big box stores were the ones shaking up local economies. Low prices and a wide selection made it hard for smaller stores to compete. Downtowns in some small communities practically died out. Even bigger department … [Read More...]

Jack Knox

KNOX — Disappearing glaciers a climate sign from above

COLUMN — When Mayor Phil Kent waved to the Duncan Days parade crowd on the weekend, it was from a dust-caked convertible covered in signs reading “Don’t Wash Me” and “Save Water.” Also in the parade were costumed superheroes Water Woman and Wilma the Watershed Warrior, along with the Cowichan Watershed Board’s Conservation Cruiser. Meanwhile, … [Read More...]

Ajax, pro and con.

ROTHENBURGER — Asking for letters, vs. actually writing them

COLUMN — Reading up on Ajax is no walk in the park. How anyone is going to decipher thousands of pages of stuff once KGHM submits its environmental assessment application is beyond me. The City is going to decide next week whether to spend $300,000 to hire an expert to study the application, and may ask KGHM to help with the bill. It’s hard … [Read More...]

(Daniela Ginta photo)

GINTA — The honour system and why we need it in place

Daniela Ginta writes for The Armchair Mayor News on Fridays. COLUMN — There are many pressing environmental issues that have my attention these days, such as the new decision that Shell can drill in the arctic (restrictions notwithstanding, drilling is drilling), or that our premier is about to sign up the province for many long years of LNG … [Read More...]


Now for the good news — cartoonist Adrian Raeside is staying

Last week the Victoria Times Colonist announced it was ending its association with B.C.'s award-winning editorial cartoonist Adrian Raeside. The newspaper said the days when a newspaper could afford the services of a full-time editorial cartoonist were past. The news was greeted with disappointment by many readers. The good news is that Raeside … [Read More...]

David Charbonneau.

CHARBONNEAU — Vision for a wired city was unfulfilled

COLUMN —Olds, not Kamloops, became Canada’s first gigabit town after big carriers refused to expand services. We could have had it before the Alberta town. Taking matters into its own hands, Olds launched a municipal Internet utility with 1 Gbps service. Olds understands that high speed data connections are as important as any other … [Read More...]

Anne Neave leads chant at anti-Ajax protest.

LETTER — AM News had it wrong on letters against Ajax

LETTER — Unfortunately, the NL radio report about business letters to Minister Bennett is based on misinformation. On June 8, I sent the following letter to Kamloops This Week and the Armchair Mayor. During a month-long campaign in May, 150 Kamloops business owners who are known opponents of the proposed Ajax mine, were asked to sign a letter … [Read More...]

Artist's rendering of Bridge of Hope at Victims of Communism plaza.

LETTER — Harper Govt policies and practices I find offensive

LETTER — Conservative members’ ridings got the largest proportion of the recently announced Infrastructure funds, money distributed according to greed, not need. Money has been or is to be arbitrarily wasted on unwanted monuments - the Victims of Communism monstrosity and the proposed Mother Canada obscenity. The former makes as much sense as … [Read More...]

Photo from A GP For Me, Divisions of Family Practice website.

LETTER — Physician form just to make us feel better

LETTER — Almost two years ago our doctor retired and I managed to get the form, send it in by e-mail and deliver it in person. In the office of the "Family Practioners" I realized the registration, the forms, the list, etc. are totally useless. For instance, the lady in the office could not tell me what she does with the forms. Being somewhat … [Read More...]

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