Bridge cam night view. Does this help?

Bridge cam is fun, but of little use

COLUMN — With a couple of exceptions, the much-anticipated traffic snafu at Overlanders Bridge has turned out to be a non-event. (Please do note: the correct name of the bridge is Overlanders, not Overlander — the bridge is named for a group of gold seekers who traveled from Fort Garry over the Rockies and down the North Thompson River to Kamloops in 1862.) The only major problem came Monday, and that was caused by an accident way over at the Halston Road-Yellowhead interchange that caught those trying to detour around the Overlanders work by surprise and backed up traffic all the way to the bypass. Generally, though, traffic has been flowing through the work zone without a problem. One of the reasons is the feeling of comraderie among drivers. Almost everyone is being careful and oh-so-polite. A few Neanderthals are still speeding through the go-slow zones but most are stepping … [Read More...]



More Than Honey

More Than Honey (Sponsored by Kamloops Film Society) Thursday, April 30, 7 p.m., Paramount Theatre Admission $7 Synopsis of More Than Honey: Over the past 15 … [Read More...]

Travel is about seeing new places, but it's also about learning.

TRAVEL — More than a vacation

TRAVEL — Travel broadens your horizons and provides new perspectives. While an all-inclusive holiday to a touristy destination is convenient and offers great value, … [Read More...]

The Infectuals.

Kitchen part in the round

ENTERTAINMENT — Brothers can get rowdy, especially in the kitchen. But it’s when they start making music that the party heats up. The brothers Kastelic (No Mothers) and … [Read More...]

Artists June Laura Emery, Jennifer Ste. Marie and Jack Chadwick at art show.

A Small But Significant Art Show

ARTS — Transition Kamloops is highlighting a new art exhibit at The Art We Are. Local artists Jennifer Ste. Marie, June Laura Emery, and Jackie Chadwick combined forces … [Read More...]

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Pinantan will decide on fire service via petition.

Pinantan to decide on fire protection service via petition

NEWS/ REGION — The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has received the go-ahead from Pinantan/East Paul Lake residents to conduct a public assent … [Read More...]

B.C. Coroners Service

Woman found in lake on weekend identified

NEWS — A woman whose body was found in Kamloops Lake on Sunday has been identified as Tracey Dawn Dallyn, 50. Dallyn had been reported missing to … [Read More...]

Westsyde secondary.

Bomb threat locks down school

NEWS/ POLICE — Another threat to school brought police action Wednesday, this time in Westsyde. Shortly after 2:30 p.m., RCMP were told a phone … [Read More...]

Kathy Humphrey.

City hires TRU’s finance director

NEWS/ CITY HALL — TRU's finance director is on the way down — to City Hall, that is. City CAO David Trawin announced today that Kathy Humphrey … [Read More...]

Mid-afternoon bridge traffic was busy but tolerable.

Day 1 – ‘Smooth as silk’ or slow going?

What are your first impressions of bridge traffic? Take the poll on this page NEWS/ BRIDGE — One day gone, about 179 to go. How was the first day of … [Read More...]

North end traffic shortly after 10 a.m. Monday.

And so it begins — use your time on the bridge to channel your inner patience

NEWS/ THE BRIDGE — Reconstruction work on the Overlanders Bridge got underway today (Monday) and so begins the inevitable frustration for … [Read More...]

Dr. Michael Mehta speaks on mining and social impacts.

The ‘A’ word ‘polarizes and disrupts’

NEWS/ AJAX — The 'A' word has "polarized and disrupted" Kamloops and some common ground is desperately needed, a TRU professor said Sunday. Dr. … [Read More...]


Thieves make laptop, iPad haul in break-in at computer store

NEWS/ POLICE — Kamloops RCMP were called to Simply Computing in the Sahali Centre mall shortly after 9 a.m .Saturdaty in response to a break and enter … [Read More...]

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MP Cathy McLeod

IN THE HOUSE — Issue of unpaid internships is important

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod spoke in Parliament this week on the Intern Protection Act. Here's an excerpt. IN THE HOUSE — Safe, fair, and productive workplaces are essential for creating … [Read More...]

Ginta at 9.33.04 AM

GINTA — A sun too hot, books and gifts we can’t ignore

Daniela Ginta writes for KAM News on Fridays. COLUMN — It was a hot day so it only took an hour or so for laundry to dry outside on the deck. Aside from being fascinated with the very process of having the … [Read More...]

Deer are beautiful to see, when they aren't on a highway.

EDITORIAL — Deer are on accident waiting to happen

EDITORIAL — A deer was killed Wednesday in a collision with a vehicle. That isn't unusual in Kamloops. What was different about this one was that it turned into a two-vehicle accident. RCMP reported that a … [Read More...]

David Charbonneau.

CHARBONNEAU — Dreams for B.C.’s LNG projects dim

COLUMN — Even when times were relatively good, Premier Clark’s dreams of making B.C. a global energy exporter were slim. Before the collapse of oil prices, when the Asian market for liquefied natural gas was … [Read More...]

MLA Judy Darcy.

Kamloops patient ‘is not a number’

B.C. Health Minister and Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake was on the hot seat in the Legislature on Wednesday over hospital wait lists and ambulance response times. Here's Hansard's draft transcript of … [Read More...]

B.C. Transit photo.

Would free transit be worth it?

ISSUES — With the regularity of a City bus, the idea of free public transit comes up for discussion. With equal regularity, the door swings shut on it, as it was at a Kamloops City council meeting … [Read More...]

MLA Jackie Tegart.

TEGART — No easy solutions to biosolids issue

This column was originally published in the Merritt Herald. The author, MLA Jackie Tegart, is being threatened with a recall petition by opponents of the importation of biosolids into the Merritt area. By … [Read More...]

Councillors in Saguenay, Que., make the sign of the cross and recite a 20-second prayer at every council meeting. 
(CBC Archives)

KNOX — Court ruling leaves councils without a prayer

Jack Knox writes for the Victoria Times-Colonist this week about prayers at council meetings, which Mel Rothenburger also wrote about this week. Would like to say great minds think alike, but that might be an … [Read More...]

Apple Watch. (screenshot, CNet)

ROGERS — Hyped Apple Watch headlines don’t tell full story

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at COLUMN — If you have been following the latest about the new Apple Watch, you may be quite impressed by the sales … [Read More...]

Lord's Prayer is said to have first been heard at the Sermon on the Mount.

ROTHENBURGER — Court’s ban on Lord’s Prayer not a big deal

COLUMN — I read this week about Saguenay, Quebec where the council has been told to stop reciting the Lord's Prayer at its meetings. The Supreme Court has ruled it violates religious liberties. It isn't a … [Read More...]

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