Emergency crews deal with flooding. (Twitter photo)

State of emergency in Cache Creek

NEWS — A state of emergency was declared Sunday in the wake of Saturday's flash flooding in Cache Creek. Mayor John Ranta issue the declaration after 126 residents were forced from their homes. No injuries or fatalities were reported but RCMP initiated a tactical evacuation of 60 homes. An evacuation order was in place as of 7 p.m. Sunday for several homes along the Trans Canada Highway East, Stage Road, and Old Cariboo Road, and an evacuation alert was in place for an area west of the Bonaparte River and north Todd Road, and three homes on Old Cariboo Road. The state of emergency empowers the Village and Thompson-Nicola Regional District to coordinate resources to respond to flooding that could result in "severe impact of the local economy and the well-being of the community." The evacuation alert notifies residents of the potential for threat to life and health to escalate … [Read More...]


Green art

Artists come together for nature

ART — More than 40 local, regional and international visual artists, filmmakers and designers will display works inspired by nature and sustainability at an art festival … [Read More...]

April Rinne. (YouTube)

Three short films on car sharing

COMMUNITY — Interior CarShare Co-operative (InCar) will present three short films about car sharing, the share economy and sustainable transportation on May 27. The films … [Read More...]

Westminster, London. (Photo by David Iliff. License CC-BY-SA 3.0)

England is steeped in history and tea

TRAVEL — England is a great place to travel, steeped in history and tea. With easy day-trips from London, you can explore the rich history and learn about the ancient … [Read More...]


Help for the sandwich generation

COMMUNITY — Are you part of the sandwich generation? The sandwich generation is defined as adults that are caring for aging loved ones and also have their own family to … [Read More...]

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Screenshot from crowdfunding video.

Ajax opponents will return $5,000 donation from KGHM

NEWS/ AJAX — A coalition of groups opposing the Ajax open-pit mine plan will give a $5,000 donation back to KGHM, the company proposing the … [Read More...]

Chickens deserve a nice back yard, too.

Urban hens, community gardens among topics at open houses

NEWS/ CITY HALL — Kamloops residents will have a chance to give input to City Hall on urban chickens, community gardens and other urban agriculture … [Read More...]


Man dies as pickup flips over near Cherry Creek

NEWS/ POLICE — Police and coroner are investigating the cause of a crash that took the life of a male driver early today (Saturday). Sgt. Michael … [Read More...]

Pooley Ranch. (Flikr)

Merritt family ranch receives Century Farm Award

NEWS — A pioneer ranching family in the Nicola Valley is the latest recipient of British Columbia’s Century Farm Award. Agriculture Minister Norm … [Read More...]

Runway in front of flight tower at Kamloops Airport. (Kamloops Airport photo)

Feds put $4.4 million into runway rehab

NEWS/ AIRPORT — The federal government will fund $4.4 million for a runway rehab at Kamloops Airport. Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod … [Read More...]

Us, it's weeds; to them, it's a buffet. (City of Kamloops)

Weed-eating goats back for a fourth season in city parks

NEWS/ CITY — Kamloops’ famous weed-eating goats are back for a fourth season. After successful application of the program over the last three years, … [Read More...]

(Friends of the Nicola Valley photo)

TNRD reviews bylaw on composting in wake of bio-solids controversy

NEWS/ REGION — The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is reviewing its zoning bylaw in the wake of the bio-solids controversy near Merritt. A … [Read More...]


Beware of online scams claiming you’ve won money

NEWS/ POLICE — Kamloops RCMP are reminding people to be aware of online scams that utilize social media. A senior citizen was contacted Wednesday … [Read More...]

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RAESIDE — Rules for ‘Name a Ferry’ contest

  … [Read More...]

Rogers, Mark

ROGERS — Technology promises relief from worry about elderly

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at http://www.newsonaut.com. COLUMN — During the four-hour drive to Vancouver, all kinds of scenarios played through my mind. None of them was good. My 90-year-old mother had fallen and suffered a big gash on her forehead. She was found with blood all over her and taken to the … [Read More...]

Artist's rendering of new ferry being build in Poland. (B.C. Ferries photo)

KNOX — Naming guidelines change with times, governments

Jack Knox, who writes for the Victoria Times Colonist, grew up in Kamloops before the name of the Overlanders Bridge was changed to Flying Phil Gaglardi Bridge. Oh... wait a minute, that didn't actually happen.... COLUMN — On Tuesday, B.C. Ferries invited the public to take part in a contest to name three intermediate-class vessels being built … [Read More...]

Kinder Morgan video screen shot.

LETTER — How can communities accept money from pipeline?

LETTER — I just don't understand how it has come to be that some mayors and councils and even colleges in the Thompson region appear ready to accept cash offers from Kinder Morgan, before Canadians have even said yes or no to this project. In Langley, major and council has refused this money to date, some citizens even calling it a "bribe." … [Read More...]

Ginta at 9.33.04 AM

GINTA — Kindness makes it better, always

Daniela Ginta writes for the Armchair Mayor News on Fridays. COLUMN — At first I thought I’d write about canoeing at Horseshoe Lake, because it was memorable in that kind of nature-soothing way. It was late afternoon on Monday and the sun was coaxing water lilies out of the water. It was peaceful and beautiful and the sunset was to be grateful … [Read More...]

Anti-Ajax video on fundraising website.

ROTHENBURGER — The best Ajax PR coup yet

COLUMN — KGHM Ajax has pulled off its best PR coup yet, and it cost only $5,000, a drop in the bucket compared to what the company’s spent so far trying to convince people that blasting a huge hole in the ground next to Kamloops is a good idea. I am in awe. Quite some time ago, I proposed to Robert Koopmans, the communications guy for KGHM … [Read More...]

David Charbonneau.

CHARBONNEAU — Renewable energy welcomes the NDP

COLUMN — Big Oil might be quivering in their boots at the prospect of having to pay fair royalty rates to the province but the renewable energy sector is looking forward to the NDP in Alberta. Fossil fuels have had a grip on the province that stifles energy innovation. Renewal energy companies are feeling more optimistic with the NDP. Despite … [Read More...]


RAESIDE — And here’s your muzzle

  … [Read More...]

Jack Knox

KNOX — Latest naming controversy seems pretty cheesy

Jack Knox grew up in Kamloops, home of the world-famous Kamloops fighting trout. No other place would dare call their fish Kami the Trout.  COLUMN — News item: Athens will not back a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union unless the deal is changed to specify that only Greece can use the term “feta” for its salty … [Read More...]

Rogers, Mark

ROGERS — Facebook slaps a happy-face sticker on the news

Mark Rogers writes a column about social media and hosts a blog at http://www.newsonaut.com. COLUMN — A Facebook spokesman had an interesting answer when asked about a deal the social media giant made with publishers to post their content — no links, the entire story — in people's Facebook feeds. “We’re not trying to go, like, suck in and … [Read More...]

Enviro Minister Mary Polak.

LETTER — Biosolids and sludge aren’t the same thing

LETTER — I would like to take the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions around biosolids and how they are used throughout B.C. In B.C., biosolids can only be applied to the land when there is a benefit. Companies cannot apply biosolids to the land as simply a means of disposal. Biosolids are used as compost or fertilizer on land. The … [Read More...]

So what they spelled my name wrong?

ROTHENBURGER — Here’s to the man who taught us to write

COLUMN — Big anniversary coming up next month, one I'd totally forgotten about. Once in awhile, I come across a gem amongst my hoarded documents. In this case, two gems — a couple of yellowed certificates, certifying that 'Melvin Rothenberger' — yes, my name is spelled wrong on both of them — satisfactorily completed courses in the MacLean … [Read More...]


GINTA — Yes, it is up to us

Daniela Ginta writes for The Armchair Mayor News on Fridays. COLUMN — A few days ago, an uncomfortable (a euphemistic term if there ever was one) piece of news came out and, for the most part, it did not make too many waves. Then it fell into oblivion just like the rest of them. Trouble is, this one will resurface, and we will like it even less … [Read More...]

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